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Name Phone Address City Contact Website
American Legion 607-734-1441 Elmira Heights, NY  
Amici's 607-767-1892 1892 Grand Central Ave Horseheads, NY  
Blondie's Tavern 607-73?-9151 E 14th St Elmira Heights, NY  
Blue Mare, The 607-732-7147 E 14th St Elmira Heights, NY  
Boar's Nest 607-732-9702 319 Erie Street Elmira, NY 14904  
Cavern, The 607-733-2529 Elmira Heights, NY  
Doane's Tavern 607-535-9024 Montour Falls, NY  
End Zone, The 607-937-3562 Gang Mills  
Glass House, The 607-733-1854 Grand Central Ave Elmira Heights, NY  
Green Derby, The 607-733-1198 W First St Elmira, NY 14901  
Gush's Thirsty Bear 607-732-3450 351 E Washington Ave Elmira, NY 14901 Gush or Uppie  
Harry's 607-734-0202 308 E. 14th St. Elmira Heights, NY Rob  
Haunt, The 607-275-3447 702 Willow Ave. Ithaca, NY
Hi-Bar 607-734-4685 S Main St Elmira, NY 14904  
Hide Away, The 607-962-5611 Corning, NY  
Historic Ithaca's State Theatre 607-277-7477 107 W. State Street Ithaca George Holets
Homestead, The 607-732-9168 1002 Caton Ave Elmira, NY  
Hopkins Center 607-734-7669 550 Spruce St. Elmira, NY 14904 Jerry
Jake's Saloon 607-857-2874 135 West Franklin St Horseheads, NY Brad  
Junction, The 607-594-2081 Alpine Junction  
Keagle's Fieldhouse 607-733-4330 Mount Zoar Elmira, NY  
Keefe's Tavern 607-732-9437 208 West Miller St Elmira, NY 14904  
Kuma's 607-277-8100 Ithaca, NY  
O'Dmar's 607-734-9110 E 14th St Elmira Heights  
Old Pioneer, The 607-733-8013 S Main St Elmira, NY 14904  
Quigley's 607-732-9162 N Walnut St Elmira, NY  
Road House 352 607-732-9301 Rte 352 Big Flats, NY  
Rosar's 607-739-2390 204 John Street Horseheads, NY  
Savoy, The 607-535-9911 Watkins Glen, NY  
Sit-N-Bull 607-936-9652 Painted Post, NY  
Softtail Saloon 607-734-1252 424 E Washington Ave Elmira, NY 14901 Robbie
Tag's 800-650-TAGS Rte 352 Big Flats, NY
Tillie's 607-734-9096 400 Broadway & Mount Zoar Elmira, NY  
Town Tavern, The 607-739-9771 Rte 223 Erin, NY  
VFW 607-732-7145 1113-1115 Keefe St Elmira, NY 14904  
Village Inne 607-936-9852 Park Ave South Corning, NY  
Westside Tavern 607-734-9071 Hoffman St Elmira, NY 14905  
Z Boni's 607-732-6259 W Water St Elmira, NY 14901 Dane